Is Good Health Possible in a Natural Way?

Good news! Yes, it is possible to maintain health in a natural way without drugs.

I've been searching for the last 50 years of my adult life for answers on why people get sick, and what can be done for them. First of all I noticed people all around me were getting colds, or worse yet, cancer. Why? What was causing it? They supposedly had a good lifestyle. So I began reading books and magazines and talking to people, trying to understand the cause and gradually things began to come together. Let me share with you some interesting things I found out on how to have good health in a natural way.

So many times, when someone complains of a minor health problem, and even major ones, they are told, “Oh that just comes with age.”  I don’t buy that.  Our bodies are marvelous machines, and if maintained properly, will respond with optimal wellness and energy.

Our Creator designed us with an intricate and complicated balance of systems all working together perfectly to promote optimum health.  The scientists are still discovering new things about the human body.

And in this sin laden world we are in, God made provision for repair of our cells and tissues.  Take the wonderful world of our blood system with cells designed to fight harmful antibodies.  As soon as our skin is damaged, cells are rushed to the site to repair the damage.

And He hasn’t left us without directions on how to care for these amazing bodies of ours.  Surprisingly to some, we are given guidelines on diet, sanitation, plant remedies, and even quarantine in the Bible.

He also has blessed us with wisdom to find natural healing remedies using simple things like water, certain foods and plants, fresh air, exercise, rest, sunshine, and how we think.

Included in this website is information on remedies, guidelines, recipes, remedial herbs, supplements and as a bonus, material on Bible-based health.

"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers." 3 John 2.


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