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As I've searched for health guidelines through the years, I tried to gather information from all the different voices out there. Look in any health magazine or book. One says one thing and another says something else. It can be quite confusing

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General trends and similarities gradually came to light. First of all, in keeping one’s body running smoothly and building up the immune system, you have a strong defense against disease built in without having to use drugs. I’ll admit that the antibiotics have been a blessing in giving the body a little help with fighting off germs. But people have grown to rely on them for most every little problem with their health. They’ll gladly take a pill, but aren’t interested in changing their lifestyle or using natural remedies.

Meanwhile, the germs are getting used to the antibiotics and it takes stronger ones to kill them off. Also, consider this. When one takes drugs to get well, their body not only is trying to fight off their disease, but then it has to fight the damage the drugs do to their system—a double whammy!

But I’m getting off track here. Back to the health guidelines, before I lose you. In a nutshell, your Maker created your body in a wonderful way to be able to mend itself and to fight off disease. He also gave information on how to run that machinery in order to have optimum health. If we follow the instruction, we win. If we don’t, we lose.

Now to get to specifics. As one author put it, the true remedies, as well as health guidelines, are nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest, and trust in divine power. Many aren’t willing to follow the natural way, because it takes effort and seems slow. But in the end that is the best for a healthy body and mind. An added bonus is to not have a weight problem.

On nutrition, so many times, when friends have told me about their health problem and how they went to the doctor and got some pills, I’ll ask them, “Did he say anything to you about eating differently?” The usual answer is a quiet, “N-o-o-o.”  The truth is that physicians are still given only a shockingly few hours of nutritional training while in Medical School.  Their health guidelines might be quite different from those given by someone who has lived a long, happy life with an understanding of the importance of a balance of good nutrition, exercise and other factors.

When I ask my husband or a neighbor to come take a walk with me, get some exercise, many times the answer I get is, “Oh I have so much to do, I don’t have time.” That’s all right, I’ll pick up my memory verse cards and have a delicious walk in the early morning when the birds are chirping and the air is cool. Ah, very refreshing and invigorating. Try it.

A friend of mine once told me that she drank two glasses of warm water with some lemon juice first thing in the morning and it helped her to not be constipated. Pretty good, eh? Sure beats taking milk of magnesia! A grade school student once said she felt more energetic when she drank eight glasses of water a day. That’s what I do. First thing in the morning, I drink a quart of water along with some nutritional powder. A real pepper-upper. Then I drink two glasses before lunch and two before dinner. Some people like to drink their water more spread out. Do whatever suits you. Either way, you benefit.

When it comes to sunshine, a little exposure without sunscreen is good for you, actually, in spite of all the hype against it. Thirty to sixty minutes a day before ten and after two will do you good in more ways than one.

Temperance. Another way of saying not too much or too little, but just right, like the famous Goldilocks and the Three Bears story. Balance is the key. Not just in eating, but in everything we do. Of course, when it comes to poisoning our bodies with alcohol, tobacco and drugs, that definitely is not the way to health.

Do you live in the country? We do, and one of the blessings we enjoy is good fresh air not polluted with a lot of traffic. But even in the city, one can get up early, before the daily rush and take a nice brisk walk around a couple of blocks. Some folk go to a nearby race track at a local high school, while others like to go to a nearby mall for their walk. Breathe deep and enjoy the good feeling.

Then there is rest. I try to get in at least seven hours a night, but eight is better. It’s amazing how busy one gets, even after retirement. But we need that sleep to rejuvenate us. Some like to take a cat nap in the afternoon. Any more than 30 minutes, and I get groggy and have a hard time waking up. You’ve probably experienced that awful feeling that you need to get up and your body just won’t respond.

The last in the list of health guidelines is trust in divine power. There’s nothing like the peace one receives from "letting go and letting God”take over in our lives. I have found Him very real and very loving. He reveals Himself to me in the Scriptures as One who cares and will always be with me to strengthen, help and uphold me in every circumstance. He promised to give us peace beyond our understanding, and He does. That is the way to have the calmness needed to face the stress all around us.

If you notice the underlined words, their acronym is NEW START. It's never too late to begin! 

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