Exercise pays off. A day or so ago, I saw 99-year-old Florence on a Christian TV station. She appeared slender, upright and mobile, as she came up to the front. The reasons given for her spryness were first, she exercised faithfully every morning with aerobic movements. Second, she ate mostly raw food. Her story reminded me of Bernando, age 112, who does the same things.

You may have heard the expression, “Move it, or lose it.” There is a pack of truth in that saying. Even if a person briskly walks only 1/2 hour a day, the difference can be felt. The ideal, of course, is to also include stretching and weight lifting in the daily routine.  Rebounding on a mini-trampoline can be an excellent way to get your lymphatic system in good order, and in turn, your immunity rises.

Jack LaLanne, talks about exercise for all ages in his book "Forever Young: Exercise at Any Age". I incorporate his exercises in my daily routine.  They're energizing for sure.

Try making your work out routine an enriching experience—listen to music; when you walk, take a card with a memory verse and meditate on it, or pray for the people whom God brings to mind.  Take a really good look at your neighborhood and see if there are new buildings going up, new neighbors moving in, or people doing interesting things in their yard.  

Be aware of how well you feel as you move and stretch and get into shape.  Join a gym with a friend.  Check out the 'adult playgrounds' that are springing up everywhere.  Take up folk dancing.  There is no shortage of ways to fine-tune your motor skills and maintain your agility as you age.  Find something you enjoy doing for recreation, and stick with it!

In spring, summer, and fall, early morning is my favorite time for a walk. I listen to the birds singing, the frogs croaking, the crickets peeping. My heart thrills with God’s love and care for His creatures, and I am refreshed spiritually as well as physically to meet the tasks of the day.

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