Walking Can Do Wonders

Walking does wonders for one's health. When I'm feeling low, and most everyone experiences those times, I like to go for a brisk jaunt in the outdoors. Breathing deeply of the fresh air gives me an endorphin punch that drives away the blues. Early morning is my favorite time, when the birds are singing and the air is crisp. Of course, in the winter, I have to change to a couple hours later in the morning.


To make it even more effective, I bring along my memory verse cards. There's nothing like the Bible to lift one's spirits. Add that to a workout, and you are setting yourself up for a an emotional high with no side effects.

Somewhere I read once that you can learn the best while taking a stroll, second by standing, and third by sitting. That stands to reason, because exercise boosts blood circulation to the brain and enables the mind to function more efficiently.  Phil Brewer, exercise and health whiz at Silver Hills Health Spa near Lumby, BC, talks about the importance of working your "second heart" -- the large bands of muscle in your hind quarters (known as gluteals or "glutes")can effectively help pump the blood from your legs and feet, taking some of the stress away from your heart, generally an over-worked organ.  The more energetically you stride along, the more effective your 'glutes' become in their duties as a 'second heart'.  And, of course, working your glutes also firms those muscles up so that your clothes fit better.

My mother lived to be six months short of 100, and I like to think my reminding her to keep moving as much as she could was a help in her longevity and clear-mindedness. Health experts tell us we should stride briskly at least half an hour a day in the open air, and an hour is even better. Heart patients have seen miraculous results when, in addition to good nutrition they started walking regularly. Some gradually worked up to three and five miles a day. They found their angina went away, and they felt more alive than they had in years.

My dear husband doesn't like to hear the "Two W's" as I call them--water and walk.  Unless there's a purpose to our walk such as picking up beer cans, he thinks it's time wasted.  Oh well, I try to show a good example and tell him about all the good benefits I get.

It does pay to have good walking shoes, though.  One of my favorites is the one by Merrell.  The arch support is very good, and the shoe has a good last.  

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