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A Site Build It website has many advantages. I'll list several of them here. My favorite is the all-in-one package deal they give. It involves one's domain name, hosting, and website construction all for a price one would ordinarily pay just for web hosting by itself.

Think of it as a business builder, not just another web site or a blog.  There’s the module called “Analyze It” which gives you guidance on changes to make on your page to give you search engine optimization.

Solo Build It (SBI) guides you through 10 business-building steps from Content to Traffic to Pre-Sell to Monetize. (CTPM)  Other software companies only give you one of the steps, but don’t give you the other nine, which include guidance, training and support.

You’ll learn how to thoroughly prepare your site to attract search engines and visitors, plus 15 ways to monetize.

Talk about price, one has a choice of paying one single price for the whole year (a saving of two months of payments) or paying monthly.

The free training program includes showing how to set up for search engine optimization. As you are building your website, help is given regarding linking of pages to one another.

Their weekly e-zine condenses 100+ net marketing e-zine news, blogs and feeds for you, saving you time to work on your business.

SBI has worked and is working to build real businesses and change lives.  Of course no product can be right for everyone, and SBI is no exception.  How can you know if it’s right for you?

The only way to be sure, with no risk to you, is give it a try for one month.  Follow the Action Guide, use the tools, go to the forums.  Need help?  Support is there 24x7. 

Only your experience is what counts.  It very likely will change your life.  And if SBI is not for you, cancel and refund with no reason needed.  It’s the Money-Back, “Confidence of Success” Guarantee.

SBI! isn't just a blogging post, it is a business builder. Go here and see for yourself. You'll be glad you did.

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