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My English teacher in college had a serious weight problem. Her walk was rather ponderous and it didn’t take much exertion to cause shortness of breath. On top of that, she felt it was hopeless to ever lose those unwanted pounds. Hadn’t she tried every diet imaginable and arrived at zero?

It wasn’t until a few years later that, through correspondence, I discovered her frustration. Immediately I told her of a book I had purchased in the 1980s entitled “Fit for Life,” written by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, which gave information on how to feel great and on top of it, lose undesired inches.

In the chapter entitled “The Theory of Metabolic Imbalance,” Harvey referred to a book he read, written in 1926 by Dr. John H. Tilden entitled “Toxemia Explained.” He went on to explain that by keeping one’s system toxin-free you are increasing your ability to keep a comfortable body weight.

There are two ways toxemia is produced in the body. First is the natural by-product of metabolism. Old toxic cells are replaced with new ones, with the old cells being eliminated on a steady basis through the lungs, bowels, bladder or skin. As long as the toxic cells are discarded as fast as they are produced, a person is usually healthy. This takes a certain amount of body energy.

The second way toxemia is produced in the body is when by-products of foods not digested properly and used in the body build up. Foods in their natural state are more readily used by a person than processed foods. By frying, boiling, cooking, sautéing, etc., the food is altered so that there are toxic residues left in the body resulting from incomplete digestion and metabolism. When too much of this kind of food is eaten, the system gets overtaxed. Toxic waste builds up faster than it can be eliminated, so the weight increases. After a while fatigue sets in as the body desperately seeks to get rid of this buildup.

I told my teacher of an eating plan I had developed after reading “Fit for Life” that I believed would do the trick for her. And sure enough, after reading the book and my comments, she found success in losing weight, so much so that her friends were worried that she was losing too much.

My plan goes like this: For breakfast, start with fruit juice. Then eat three or four kinds of fruit, followed by some grain recipe that is about a third to a fourth of the amount in bulk of fruit eaten. This could be in the form of cereal, toast, waffles, etc.

For dinner (some call it lunch) have a dinner plate full of salad, and some protein food (preferably vegetarian as in legumes, nuts, soy, etc.) again about a third to a fourth of the amount in bulk of the salad.

Then at supper, have small servings of a starch food (as in potatoes, rice, pasta, toast), a steamed vegetable, and a salad. For variety, eat fruit instead of the vegetables.

Eat something like that and you’ll find the energy to do the necessary walking each day to roll those pounds right off and to feel great.

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