Get Enough Sun

As a young adult in the 60s, I'd lay in the sun for 1/2 hour a day--15 to 20 minutes face up and 10 to 15 minutes on the back.

 In about two or three weeks, I'd have a rich tan that would last through most of the winter. While lying there, I could feel the warmth enfold me. Another satisfaction was knowing that I was developing Vitamin D in my body. Then too, I liked the enhancement of a healthy look in my tanned face.

Since those far off days, the media has taken up the warning cry of "Ultraviolet Ray cause cancer!" Advertisers promote protective products, and the scared general public obediently stay out of the way of the golden orb.

Admittedly, one can get too much of the ball of fire, which can damage the skin, but most of us could benefit from 1/2 to one hour of exposure a day.

Studies show that sunlight is healthy...

For one thing, studies show that the intense light helps the body develop melatonin which enhances a good night's sleep. It also helps the body produce endorphins, the good feeling hormones as well as helps reduce cholesterol.

And have you ever experienced the fresh air aroma of clothes that were hung outside to dry? Hm-m-m, yes!

So don't be afraid of being on the receiving end of solar energy. You will experience its wonderful healing properties and will feel good and sleep well.

A favorite sun cot of mine is the simple lounger cot.

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