Healthy Natural Recipes

Healthy natural recipes run anywhere from simple to complicated. We'll explore both kinds as well as in-between. Come join in the adventure of tasty, nutritious main course entrees, healthy baking, and make-ahead camping meal packs.

Many of the recipes we include here use Gluten-Free ingredients that reflect the dietary requirements of so many people today with concerns like Celiac disease and general gluten and wheat intolerance. Most of the recipes tend towards 100% Vegan (meaning no animal products such as meat, fish, fowl, dairy or eggs). Processed sugars and fats are kept to a minimum as well. Recipes for persons who are not allergic or celiac include whole grains for healthy baking.

The camping meal packs that we provide instructions to make up are just as handy and welcome by busy working parents and college kids in their first apartment as they are for the camper who wants to quickly bake healthy cookies or prepare a yummy side-dish for the evening meal.

Just a couple of old-timer tips to speed up the process of producing healthy, scrumptious food:

(1)Read over the recipe and make a list of ingredients that you have to buy to complete the recipe. You are welcome to make substitutions for what we suggest. We have provided some 'options' and 'suggested substitutions' in many of the recipes.

(2)It is a good idea to do an inventory of your kitchen tools before starting recipe. It is not necessary to run out and buy a fancy, expensive high speed blender just because many of the recipes use one. You can still get good results with your trusty blender, just remembering to add a little more fluid and run it a little longer. A food processor is nice to have. I bought a second-hand one from Craig's List several years ago and mix up most of my quickbreads, cakes, pancakes, etc. with it. If you have a blender, you might want to make your own Almond Milk and save a bundle-- just order a Juicerless Nut Mylk Bag (and then you can also make juices with it without having to do all the annoying cleanup and put-away that comes with a juicer). Good tools are a joy to work with, but you don't need to take out a second mortgage to achieve delicious results in your kitchen!

(3)I find it time saving to lay out all my ingredients first. Then I'm not delayed looking for something in the middle of putting the recipe together.

We hope you enjoy the delicious, healthy baking and yummy meals that result from using natural, healthy ingredients!  

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Here are the healthy natural recipes we invite you to try:

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*Sprouted Grain Bread

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*Carob Chunks

*Carob Boston Pie Pancakes

*Carob Frozen Dessert



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