Digestive Metabolic Enzymes

Digestive metabolic enzymes are catalysts needed for every chemical reaction in the human body. No vitamin, mineral, or hormone can work without them and all our organs, tissues and cells are run by these amazing small molecules.

 They are "protein based substances that bind with other nutrients that bring about changes in the body by speeding up tasks such as digesting food, absorbing nutrients, and maintaining and repairing tissue." (Brenda Skidmore, "The Power of Enzymes")

They are the workers that convert proteins, carbohydrates and fats into substances that help keep our bodies running smoothly. Breathing, sleeping, eating, working and even thinking are all dependent on this catalytic interaction.

The pancreas is the biggest producer of digestive enzymes, though it doesn't make them-- rather, it processes enzyme pre-cursors from body cells or the bloodstream into finished digestive enzymes.

Our bodies are continually laboring to produce enough digestive metabolic enzymes to function efficiently. They are constantly being used up and eliminated in sweat, urine and feces. Any hospital laboratory can find them.

The average person eats too much processed, nutrient deficient, and overcooked food. Any heating of food above 110 degrees destroys enzymes and many nutrients. Some experts believe that 80% of our energy is used up in digesting overcooked and processed meals. The digestive system is overloaded and could take days to eliminate the indigestible or partially digested food. Sometimes it is never eliminated and putrefies in the intestines.

With 80% of energy used in digestion, that leaves only 20% left to handle important body functions. So if you want to feel great and be healthy, you need to free up your digestive system.

When uncooked food is eaten, the body doesn't need to use as much of its internal digestive enzymes, which preserves its enzyme supplies for the important maintenance of metabolic harmony.

Using enzyme supplements, especially when eating cooked foods, enables the body to preserve its metabolic enzymes from being depleted by making up for the lack of digestive enzymes, and thus helps to promote longevity.

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