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We all want to feel well and energetic. The secrets for energy are not profound, but simple and easy to implement, though for some it might take a different way of thinking.

My friend, Joann, gets spells of major lack of oomph where she struggles to even walk across the floor. She has been to doctors and a naturopath, as well as taken multiple tests. So far, no one can find anything wrong, though the naturopath encouraged her to take extra B vitamins.

Think about it, taking a painkiller for a headache doesn't cure anything. It just deadens the nerves so the person doesn't feel the pain. The cause of the headache is still there. It's the same as taking Ritalin to cure attention deficient disorder or Cortisone for arthritis, or insulin for diabetes.

The same idea is true for colds, flu, tummy aches, tooth decay, acid reflux, shingles, fibromyalgia, thyroid dysfunctions and on and on.

When a health care provider treats symptoms rather than the cause, even if it is with herbal and homeopathic remedies instead of drugs, the symptoms might be relieved temporarily, but what is really needed is an approach to health that utilizes the body's God given ability to ward off disease.

Just like we need a strong foundation for our home, we need strong cells to support a healthy body.  Our cells are under attack constantly from our environment, the food we eat, and the stress we experience.

Life and health are composed of a balanced interaction of all our body cells which group to form organs, tissue, bones and other body parts.  Each one of our cells has fuel, makes energy, and gets rid of waste, similar to the way we eat food, burn the calories as fuel, and eliminate waste.

When the cells of our body are given the right components to be healthy, such as cell food, cell exercise, cell protection, cell environment and a healthy mental attitude, our body is able to retain a balance of life and health.

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