Each day we face temperance decisions of one kind or another. Overdoing things whether it is in food, sleep, work, and in these modern times TV and computer watching, all affect our health in one way or another.

For instance, have you ever eaten a good satisfying meal, and then a tantalizing dessert was brought out? What to do! Your taste buds yell, “YES!” and your reason says, “I don’t think so! Remember how it feels afterwards? You know, the stuffed feeling, the dull brain, and maybe stomach cramps…” Ah, decisions, decisions…

Realizing how miserable I can feel when I catch a bad cold, I recall that feeling when tempted to eat ice cream and cake, thus passing it up isn’t so hard. Berry pie is a little harder to resist—it’s so healthy to eat berries, and I know a great berry pie recipe that uses raw berries—still enough is enough, right?

One solution is to know before a meal whether there is a dessert, and if so to make room by not eating as much of the main part of the meal.

Anything done in excess is intemperate and can be harmful to the system. One example is when my husband becomes so engrossed in a project he’s working on he doesn’t stop to eat, get his sleep, or drink water! Then he wonders why he is so tired.

You can probably come up with some situations as well. Feel free to share them with us on our contact page.

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