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Enzyme nutrition and the food enzyme concept have given a breakthrough for health seekers, pointing out basic underlying causes of killer diseases and seeking to eradicate these causes as a supplement to palliative emergency measures.

Dr. Edward Howell has written an interesting book, "Enzyme Nutrition" that goes into detail on the food enzyme concept.

Many of these diseases basically have two causes. First is enzyme deficiency or under-nutrition. Quietly it prepares the ground in your body to speed up the developing problems of cancer, heart disease, arthritis, aging, etc.

The second cause brings us trouble when the first cause has done its work. It consists of harmful components such as carcinogens, cholesterol, bacteria, X-rays, food additives, tobacco smoke and the like. People who are getting enzyme reinforcements from outside sources have a bettr chance to deal with these destructive elements than those who don’t.

Have you ever thought of how wild animals don’t seem to have heart attacks or arthritis or breast cancer? Some would say6 that animals are free from civilized ailments because they don’t have the stress we do. But consider the wild rat facing death any moment from dogs, cats and humans. Or there’s the predator experiencing tension at getting a meal or starvation. No, we must not lose sight of the point that their relative freedom from disease is due to their living on raw, natural food with enzymes and not cooked food.

There are assertions in encyclopedias, dictionaries and textbooks that enzymes are not used up in doing their work. But there are many scientific reports on enzyme research in the world that hasn’t been put into textbooks of our colleges and universities that show this is not so. Instead, the scientific team MacArthur and Bailee of the University of Toronto found that each child is born with a certain amount of enzyme potential which can be either saved or used up according to the wear and tear of living at a faster or slower pace. This enzyme potential can last longer when outside supplements or raw foods are taken in.

A good source of enzyme supplements, electrically compatible to the human body, can be found here. Try them and see if you notice a difference in your health.

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