Enzyme Potential

Enzyme potential is the subject of a study at the University of Toronto discussed by Dr. Edward Howell in his book, "Enzyme Nutrition".  He states that this research shows that each child is born with a definite amount of enzymatic capacity that can be saved or wasted.  It can be used up fast or sparingly, according to one’s life tempo.  It can last longer when reinforced with enzyme supplements or raw food.  You may want to listen to this indepth audio presentation by Dr. Joel Robbins that refers to Dr. Howell's research.

One’s vital energy or life force can be measured by enzyme activity. Evidence suggests enzyme supplements should be taken on as regular a basis as vitamins and minerals, particularly when one can’t or won’t take them as nature offers them in raw food.

Scientific reports show the lifespan of experimental studies on fruit flies, rats, etc. can be increased by cutting down on the amount of food given. This can be explained in that less food means less digestive enzymes needed which leads to a higher enzyme activity, which leads to longevity as well as prevention of disease.

There are digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes which work closely together with the experience we call life. All our daily actions are triggered by enzyme activity, even thinking. Life ends when the metabolic enzyme activity drops so low it is unable to perform vital enzyme reactions—an identification of old age.

When humans eat a diet devoid of enzymes, they excessively use up enzyme potential of the digestive organs. This results in a shortened lifespan (as in 65 years compared to 100), sickness, and lower resistance to all kinds of stresses. But when one eats foods that have enzymes intact and supplements cooked food with enzyme capsules, he/she can slow down the aging process, improve health and increase the immune system.


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