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Enzyme Power!  Enzymes are protein-based substances that bind with other nutrients that bring about changes in the body by speeding up tasks such as digesting food, absorbing nutrients, and maintaining and repairing tissue.

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Enzymes work in harmony with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and phyto-chemicals as a team to help our bodies absorb the nutrients needed for a vibrant, energetic life.

The average person eats too much processed nutrient deficient, and/or overcooked food. Any heating of food above 110°F destroys the power of enzymes and many nutrients. Some experts believe that 80% of our energy is used up in digesting overcooked and processed meals. The digestive system is overloaded and could take days to eliminate the indigestible or partially digested food. Sometimes it is never eliminated and putrefies in the intestines.

With 80% of energy used in digestion that leaves only 20% left to handle important body functions such as seeing, thinking, breathing, immune system activity. So if you want to feel great enzyme power and be healthy, you need to free up your digestive system.

The Simple Lemon can be helpful in adding some wonderful enzymes to your regular diet without making too many other adjustments right away.  Simply cut the fresh lemon (preferably an organic lemon) in half and squeeze half of the lemon into a full glass of water.  Drink that water first thing in the morning.  Because of its natural enzymes, the lemon will help the liver to dump toxins.  A glass of this dilute lemon juice every morning will promote improved general health and clear up your skin.

An excellent source of whole food nutrition loaded with enzymes can be found here.  When you can't get raw food easily to make juices, or if you don't have time to juice, these products are super easy to mix with water and drink down.  I find the alkaline taste refreshing. 

Eating more raw foods than cooked should give you a jump start toward vibrant living.


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